Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Dreamweaver CS6 and Subversion Integration

Dreamweaver & Subversion Integration

To set up Subversion with Dreamweaver CS6 (Should work with older versions too).
  1. Click on Manage Sites then New Site
  2. Choose a Site Name and Storage Location
  3. Click on the Version Control tab on the left hand side
  4. Set Access to Subversion
  5. Set Protocol to SVN
  6. Set Server Address to pabbay
  7. Set Repository Path to the file(s) you with to check out. Or nothing for the whole project
  8. Set Server Port leave blank unless a port has been configured.
  9. Set Username as your username (allan)
  10. Set Password as the password
  11. Click Test and you should see the prompt "Server and project are accessible"
  12. Click Save then Done
The assumption is being made that you have set up your subversion repository on a server.  Therefore ensure the service or daemon is running on the server first

Checking Out

Dreamweaver is now connected to Subversion. The next step is to Checkout the latest version of the project
  1. Right-Click the Site in the Files Pane
  2. Go to Version Control then Get Latest Versions
This should now begin transferring the files accross the network for you to use within Dreamweaver

Committing Changes (Checking In)

Committing your changes is very simple.
  1. Make the changes to the file you wish
  2. Right Click the file in local view
  3. Go to Version Control then Commit
  4. Leave a comment in the box - it is good practice to leave short succint comments
  5. Click Commit

Reverting To An Older Version

With version control it is easy to revert a file to an older version, or the whole project for that matter.
To revert to a previous version.
  1. Right Click the file or folder you wish to revert
  2. Go to Version Control and then Manage Revisions
  3. Select the file or folder revision you wish to revert to and click Promote To Current


  1. This makes dreamweaver a complete IDE. No need for tortoise to synch to svn

  2. Awesome feature. No need a separate SVN client